The affordable ResusciTIMER® is designed to provide an additional tool for surge ventilation response when no power sources exist or availability of ventilators has been surpassed by patient loads. The device easily attaches to any BVM and provides real time monitoring and feedback of rescue breathing or CPR technique, which aids in proper delivery of manual ventilation.

The ResusciTIMER monitors and displays airway pressure, inspiratory time, and breaths per minute, guiding the user with audible and visual cues to ventilate in accordance with AHA guidelines. Even minimally trained individuals can learn to bag with proper manual ventilation technique in minutes with basic instruction. FDA approved for field use, this device can be stockpiled or used in training facilities to aid in learning or testing of manual ventilation technique.
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ResusciTIMER Information Sheet
LSP ResusciTIMER® Instruction Manual
ResusciTIMER Instruction Manual

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