Connect2® Medical Gas Outlet Station

Features & Benefits

  • The only medical gas outlet that accepts both Chemetron and Ohmeda adapters
    (patent #5,562,121).
  • Push-button mechanism for quick release of Chemetron adapter; Ohmeda adapter has a twist mechanism for quick release.
  • Chemetron adapter can support secondary equipment, including a suction regulator with a half-gallon collection bottle.
  • Eliminates the need for hospital personnel to carry both styles of adapters to ensure proper connection.
  • Fail-safe color coding and safety keyed
    to ensure appropriate gas.
  • Valve body O-ring easily accessible for maintenance; inlet tube has secondary check unit to permit removal of valve body without shutting off gas to the outlet.
  • Cleaned for oxygen use.
  • UL and CSA* listed. NFPA compliant.