AHP300™ Transport Ventilator
  • Quick Start Ventilation – Featuring programmable presets, the AHP300 allows trained caregivers to rapidly recall up to 5 saved ventilation protocols.
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 7.5 hours on internal battery, with auxiliary battery capability for up to 21 hours of battery life.
  • Oxygen Conserve Mode – Allows the use of low pressure sources (oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen, etc.) to extend available oxygen.
LSP AutoVent™ 2000/3000 Transport Ventilator
  • Small, compact, and transport ready.
  • Designed to perform in harsh and toxic environments.
  • Assembles quickly with simplified operating instructions printed on the case.
  • Impact-resistant case with shock-absorbing bumpers and recessed control settings.
  • Rate and volume settings independently operated.
  • Easy-to-monitor patient valve assembly and toxic atmosphere valve are able to deliver additional breaths on demand by inspiratory effort of the patient.
  • Operates exclusively on standard 50 psi source gas, eliminating air entrainment and maintaining the integrity of the specified oxygen concentration.
  • Operates at extreme temperatures ranging from 0° F to 125° F.
  • Pneumatically powered…batteries not required.
  • Allows for PEEP attachment.
  • Meets ASTM, ISO and KKK-1822C standards.
LSP AutoVent™ 4000 Transport Ventilator
  • Pneumatically powered … durable and light, with all basic models weighing less than 5 Ibs.
  • Independent settings for the critical ventilation parameters of breaths Per Minute, Inspiratory Time, Tidal Volume, and Airway Pressure Relief.
  • Manual Breath Button and Anti-Breath Stacking standard on all models
  • Large color-coded Manometer Gauge along with full set of alarms to ensure optimal performance and patient safety.
  • Optional Air Mixing provides 65% O2 concentration for extended cylinder life during lengthy transports
  • The capabilities of ventilation and CPAP in one system!
EPV100/EPV200 Emergency Preparedness Ventilators
  • Gas-powered, electronically controlled ventilators featuring Volume Control ventilation.
  • Simple control interface enables treatment by a broad range of caregivers during medical surge or routine transport.
  • Lightweight durable construction is ideal for use in transport ventilation or emergency preparedness stockpiling.
  • Low maintenance and accessory costs ensure a low cost of ownership.
  • EPV200 Only:  Assist-Control operation accommodates conscious or semi-conscious patients via invasive or non-invasive ventilation.

Immobilization & Extrication

LSP XTRA® Backboard
  • Patented arched design increases rigidity without rods while minimizing weight and board thickness
  • Custom artwork is available from the factory with no setup charge
  • 18 extra large handholds for gloved hands
  • Fully x-ray translucent construction simplifies x-ray analysis
  • Available with 14 speed-clip pins or with no pins
  • Tapered based increases maneuverability 
LSP Infant Pediatric Immobilization
  • Versatile system capable of easily immobilizing infants and children with spinal injuries
  • Can be used as a restraint device
  • Can accommodate children from infant to 75 Ibs (34 kg)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Completely radio transparent and fully MRI compatible
  • Durable to withstand harsh treatment during field or in hospital
  • Split leg strapping design to address each leg individually
LSP Miller Full Body Splint/Litter
  • Rigid foam core provides strength and buoyancy for water rescue immobilization
  • Will float 250 pounds in fresh water and 300 pounds in salt water
  • Integrated strapping system allows the rescuer to quickly and efficiently immobilize and restraint combative patients and avoids loss of the straps
  • Split-leg design allows for easy independent leg traction, accessibility and compatibility with the Stokes litter asket
  • Should strap design prevents both later and horizontal movement of the patient during extrication and transportation
LSP Half Back Vertical Extrication Device
  • Removal aluminum back stay allows the LSP Half back to be used as an immobilization device or as a rescue harness
  • Optional Vertical Lift Strap allows for quick vertical extrication of the patient
  • Closed-cell foam interior molds to the shape of the body, providing comfort and more complete body immobilization
  • Optional Helmet Immobilizer allows for the treatment of helmeted victims
  • Comes complete with a V-shaped padded head rest and a full standard head immobilizer
LSP Cinch Rescue Ring
  • Designed for safe recovery of victims in swift water or blue water
  • Can be used for helicopter, and-base and watercraft rescue, as well as high-rise and cliff extrications, and confined-area rescues
  • May be stored and carried in the durable, lightweight carry case in ready-to-use position
  • Completely washable
LSP LIFE+LITE™ Disposable Emergency Stretcher
  • Weighs only 4.5 Ibs. (2 Kgs)
  • Supports a patient up to 500 Ibs (227 Kgs)
  • 10 large hand-holds for easy carrying
  • Flexible PVC and corrugated plastic construction (not intended for spinal immobilization)
  • Ideal for disaster management and preparation, as well as HazMat and patient transport for hospital, prehospital and industrial applications
LSP Trauma Air Pants
  • Handles strategically located in the torso area and both legs for easy positioning and patient movement
  • All bladders have a 5-year warranty against brekage
  • The pant material has a 2-year warranty 
  • Unique design allows the pants to open outward and lie flat for easy application and patient accessibility 
  • Color-coded Velcro straps and luminescent pressure gauges for easy nighttime application
  • Inflation pump can be used with foot, hand or knee pressure
  • Adult pants are easily downsized to fit either a small adult or a pediatric patient
  • Soft-pack carry bag is padded for protection, and the strap system converts to a backpack for carrying ease
Schuco® Inflatable Air Splints
  • Transparent plastic and nylon zipper is fully x-ray translucent, and the vinyl construction allows x-rays as well as constant observation of the injury
  • Available singly and in kits in a variety of sizes for adults and children


LSP Advantage® Emergency Portable Suction Unit
  • Continuous Operation – Ready When You Are…24/7
  • Longest Run Time Before Recharging 
  • Internal Charger Capable of Fully Recharging the Battery in Less Than 6 Hours
  • Most Versatile Vacuum Range – Gentle Yet Powerful Suction When Needed
LSP Aspirators


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clear
  • High Flow Suction
  • Continuous Aspiration
  • Continuous Suction
  • Easy Disposal
  • Safe


  • Continuous or Intermittent Suction
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Clear
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and Compact

Medical Gas Delivery

LSP Oxygen Pressure Regulator
  • Uni-body construction designed to prevent yoke breakage and regulator leakage, and provide complete protection to the constant flow selector knob
  • Nickel-plated brass body is fire resistant and able to withstand corrosive materials, the marine environment, and harsh weather conditions
  • Sintered bronze high-pressure inlet filter for enhanced protection against contamination
  • Compact break-resistant low profile contents gauge
  • Large easy to read flow rate numbers
  • Two body designs: yoke inlet for small cylinders, and nut and nipple inlet for large cylinders
  • Hose barb or DISS outlet connection for oxygen supply to patient
  • 10-year warranty on Rhino regulators, with patented protective shroud
LSP Constant Flow Selector
  • Five distinct flow rate settings
  • 1/8” NPT thread
  • Constant flow selector valves lock into place
  • Knobs are clearly marked and are accurately adjustable 
  • The polycarbonate selector knob is virtually unbreakable and designed to withstand rugged abuse
  • Lightweight aluminum and a low-profile design
LSP Minilator™
  • Expandable…Minilators can be connected in tandem for emergency or mass casualty situations where more than five oxygen outlets are required.
  • Durable…anodized aluminum construction will withstand harsh weather conditions and corrosive materials.
  • Compact and lightweight…low-profile design for easy storage.
LSP Multilator™
  • Easy to use…no assembly needed.
  • Durable, compact, and lightweight.
  • Versatile…provides administration of low flow oxygen and/or oxygen powered resuscitation.
Life-O-Gen® Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits
Lif-O-Gen Automated Wall Mount Emergency Oxygen 
  • Completely automated deployment
  • Refillable oxygen cylinder
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous treatment
  • Integrated flow indicator
Lif-O-Gen Disposable Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit 
    • Convenient disposable oxygen cylinders
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Up to 30 minutes of treatment
SurgeX® Surge Suppressing Post Valve
  • Virtually eliminates the effects of adiabatic compression to a level well below the ignition point of materials in a regulator
  • Virtually eliminates particle impact due to its unique bayonet tube and bronze filter
  • Minimizes the risk of fire when hydrocarbons are present
  • When used with an all-brass regulator, SurgeX® provides the absolute fastest oxygen delivery system available today
  • For use with aluminum cylinders only


LSP L770 Disposable Confined Space Manual Resuscitator
  • Ease of Use
  • The 3-foot stand-off allows the responder to navigate corners and stairs with ease
  • The included mask restraint makes it possible for single responder to provide resuscitation
  • Patient Safety
  • Reduced weight and pressure on the mask or ET tube helps maintain the airway positioning
  • Responder Safety
  • The additional stand-off distance and mask restraint allow the responder to be belted in during transport
  • The additional stand-off distance between the patient and the responder reduces the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.
LSP L670 Disposable Manual Resuscitator

L670 Disposable Manual Resuscitators are latex-free, single patient use systems for manual resuscitation. These resuscitators feature a unique bag made from thermoplastic rubber bag which provides a superior grip and improved heat resistance compared to other bag materials.

LSP L238 Reusable Manual Resuscitator

L238 Reusable Manual Resuscitators are front-fill manual resuscitation systems that are available in adult and child sizes. They are fully autoclavable at 134°C (273°F) or cold sterilizable. The L238 features a silicone bag which provides an excellent “feel” of the patient’s respiratory response, and the durable polysulfone patient valve and bag adapter ensure an extended life even when subjected to repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.

LSP L554 Reusable Manual Resuscitator

L554 Reusable Manual Resuscitators are autoclavable rear-fill manual resuscitation systems that are available in adult, child and infant sizes. The L554 features a silicone bag that provides an excellent “feel” of the patient’s respiratory response, and the durable polysulfone patient valve and connectors provide long life at autoclave temperatures of 270°F (132°C).

LSP Mouth to Mask Resuscitator & LSP CPR Face Shield
  • Filter strategically located above the one-way valve to prevent patient secretions from saturating the filter
  • Designed for use in EMS, hospital, home care and industrial markets
  • Standard mask size accommodates adults and children
  • Operation is not affected by extreme temperatures
  • Configurations include a hard case for compact storage, oxygen inlet, head strap, gloves and wipes

With the innovative ResusciTIMER, experienced EMS professionals can confirm proper manual ventilation technique. EMTs in training can improve their skills. In fact, anyone can learn with just minutes of basic instruction. This easy- to-use device provides real-time monitoring and feedback of breaths per minute, inspiratory time and airway pressure to guide in resuscitation timing and technique.

LSP EMT Resuscitator
  • Easy to clean and service…disassembles into three basic components for cold chemical disinfecting and reassembly
  • Versatile…provides administration of low flow oxygen and/or oxygen powered resuscitation.
  • Durable, compact and lightweight for years of continual cost-effective performance
LSP Demand/Resuscitator Valve
  • Maximum cylinder use…flow rate of 40 lpm is maintained at cylinder pressures between 500-2200 psig (3447 to 15168 kPa), allowing for complete use of cylinder contents
  • Easy to clean and service…valve obstruction may be removed during resuscitation with minimal interruption; valve may also be chemically disinfected
  • Compact, lightweight and durable…will withstand corrosive materials and harsh weather conditions
LSP Elder Demand/Resuscitator Valve
  • Maximum cylinder use…flow rate of 40 lpm is maintained at cylinder pressures between 200-2200 psig (1378 to 15168 kPa), allowing for complete use of cylinder contents
  • Easy to clean and service…valve obstruction may be removed during resuscitation with minimal interruption, and may also be chemically disinfected
  • Compact, lightweight and durable…will withstand corrosive materials and harsh weather conditions
LSP Portable Resuscitator

The LSP Portable Resuscitator is a fast, simple, and effective system to resuscitate a nonbreathing patient while performing CPR, or to provide 100% oxygen to a breathing patient on demand with minimal inspiratory effort. There are no adjustments to make or dials to set. Simply connect the desired resuscitation device and open the cylinder valve, and the resuscitator is ready for use.

LSP First Responder Kit

Each kit comes complete with an aluminum cylinder, oxygen regulator, nasal cannula, and a disposable manual resuscitator … all conveniently packed in a durable carry bag with a storage compartment and adjustable shoulder strap.