Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of medical gas construction equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, home healthcare products, and emergency medical supplies. Our products appear worldwide in a range of medical applications, including hospital care, sub-acute treatment, long-term care, home healthcare, and medical emergencies.
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Home Health Care Products

Allied's home respiratory care products include nebulizers, oxygen pressure regulators, oxygen cylinders, Latex-free disposable oxygen therapy cannulas, masks and tubing, portable large-volume air compressors, portable suction equipment, breast pumps, bag mask resuscitators, and portable oxygen systems.
These products are designed to improve the quality of life and comfort for the patient at home, and for increased mobility outside the home. Many of these products are also used in subacute care and long-term care facilities.
Allied's homecare products are marketed under the brand names of B&F Medical, Schuco®, Gomco®, Timeter®, Lif-O-Gen®, Chemetron®, and Life Support Products.
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Disposable Suction & Respiratory Products
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