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Air Compressors & Nebulizers

Schuco® S6000 Air Compressor

Compact and quiet, the Schuco® S6000 Medical Air Compressor provides up to 14 lpm continuous air flow at 50 psi. The unit operates quietly and effectively using standard 115 VAC current, and is easy to clean with minimal maintenance.

Schuco® S5000 Nebulizer
  • Suppressed sound
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Our most cost-effective nebulizer
  • Compact compressor
  • Nebulizer cup
  • Angled mouthpiece
  • Oxygen tubing
  • Five extra compressor filters
  • 5-year limited warranty
Schuco® S5200 Pediatric Nebulizer
  • Panda compressor
  • Nebulizer cup
  • Angled mouthpiece and mask
  • Oxygen tubing
  • Five extra compressor filters
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Child-friendly design
  • Lightweight yet quiet
  • Easy to use and clean
Timeter® PCS 414 Air Compressor

The Timeter® PCS 414 portable air compressor delivers hospital grade performance in a quiet and durable package. Ideal for continuous use in the professional environment, or as a sturdy homecare rental unit.

Oxygen Therapy Equipment

B&F Oxygen Pressure Regulators
  • Uni-body construction designed to strengthen the regulator and prevent breakage
  • Nickel-plated brass body for safe use in oxygen service
  • Two body designs: yoke inlet for small cylinders, nut and nipple inlet for large cylinders
  • Hose barb or DISS outlet to provide secure connection of oxygen supply line to patient
  • Compact 1-1/2″ diameter low-profile contents gauge with gauge protector
  • Serrated dial-in flow control knob for ease of flow rate selection
  • Large easy to read flow rate numbers
SurgeX® Surge Suppressing Post Valve
  • Virtually eliminates the effects of adiabatic compression to a level well below the ignition point of materials in a regulator
  • Virtually eliminates particle impact due to its unique bayonet tube and bronze filter
  • Minimizes the risk of fire when hydrocarbons are present
  • When used with an all-brass regulator, SurgeX® provides the absolute fastest oxygen delivery system available today
  • For use with aluminum cylinders only
Lif-O-Gen® Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits

Lif-O-Gen Automated Wall Mount Emergency Oxygen 

  • Completely automated deployment
  • Refillable oxygen cylinder
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous treatment
  • Integrated flow indicator

Lif-O-Gen Disposable Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit 

  • Convenient disposable oxygen cylinders
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Up to 30 minutes of treatment

Portable Suction Equipment

Schuco® Aspirators – Models S130A – S330A – S430A
  • UL approved; meets IEC 60601-1
  • Flow range higher than ever – over 40 1pm
  • Every unit equipped with a hospital-grade plug
  • Collection canisters with improved scratch and flake resistance
  • High vacuum  range for various suction needs – up to 560 mm Hg (22″ Hg)
  • Vibration-free gauge for easy reading and vacuum control
  • Durable metal canister brackets accommodate a variety of collection containers
  • 2-year warranty provides tangible proof of Schuco® quality and durability 
Gomco® Tabletop Gastric Drainage Aspirator – Model 270
  • Silent operation due to Gomco® exclusive thematic pump design
  • Compact, easy to store design takes up about one-half square feet of space for bedside use
  • Floor bottle basket for stability with either bottle or canister
  • Disposable hydrophobic bacteria filter helps prevent fluid and aerosol contamination

Disposable Suction & Respiratory Products

B&F Oxygen Therapy Disposables
  • Nasal Cannulas – Latex free, tinted and clear for Adult, Pediatric, Infant
  • Tubing – Latex Free, Oxygen, Corrugated and Suction
  • Oxygen/Aerosol Masks – Latex Free
  • Nebulizer Therapy & Humidifier – Latex Free
  • Portable Ventilator & Breathing Circuits – Latex Free
  • Adapters & Accessories – Latex Free
  • Humidifiers, Sterile Water, & Collection Systems – Latex Free
  • Mouth to Mask Resuscitators – Latex Free
  • Aerosol Therapy Canopies, Air Splints & THOP Sleeve – Latex Free
  • Oxygen Pressure Regulators & Accessories