Specification Sheets

Ventilation Products

AHP300™ Transport Ventilator

EPV100/EPV200 Emergency Preparedness Ventilator

MCV100/MCV200 Ventilator

AutoVent 2000-3000

LSP AutoVent™ 2000/3000 Transport Ventilator

lsp autovent 4000

LSP AutoVent™ 4000 Transport Ventilator

Respiratory Therapy

B&F Oxygen Pressure Regulators

Timeter® Flowmeters & Accessories

Click-It™ Flowmeter

B&F Oxygen Therapy Disposables

s6000 air compressor

Schuco® S6000 Air Compressor

Timeter® PCS 414 Air Compressor

TE35 - Aridyne 3500 Air Compressor - large file

Timeter® AridyneTM Air Compressors

PAT 10™ Medical Drying Cabinet




Vacuum & Suction

suction regulators

Suction Regulators and Accessories

chemetron vacuum traps

Chemetron® Vacuum Traps

disposable collection canisters

Disposable Collection Canisters

gomco suction

Gomco® Suction Equipment

gomco optivac

Gomco® OptiVac® AC/DC Portable Suction Unit

Gomco® 305 Aspirator

405 aspirator

Gomco® 405 Aspirator

Gomco® Tabletop Aspirator Model 300

01-52-4032 - Gomco General Use Mobile Aspirator

Gomco® General Use Aspirators Models 3020 & 3040

01-22-3910 - Gomco 3910 Surgical Mobile Aspirator - 1 bottle with tubing

Gomco® Surgical Aspirators Models 3910 & 3940

01-52-4072 - Gomco Uterine Mobile Aspirator

Gomco® Uterine Aspirators Models 3930 & 4072

01-32-6020 - Gomco Thoracic Drainage Mobile Aspirator

Gomco® Thoracic Drainage Aspirators Models 6020

01-72-6000 - Gomco Gastric Drainage Mobile Aspirator

Gomco® Gastric Drainage Constant/Intermittent Aspirators Models 6036 & 6037



LSP XTRA® Backboard

LSP Infant Pediatric Immobilization

LSP Miller Full Body Splint/Litter

LSP Half Back Vertical Extrication Device

LSP Cinch Rescue Ring

LSP LIFE+LITE™ Disposable Emergency Stretcher

LSP LIFE+LITE™ Disposable Emergency Stretcher

LSP Trauma Air Pants

Schuco® Inflatable Air Splints

LSP Advantage® Emergency Portable Suction Unit

LSP Aspirators

LSP Oxygen Pressure

LSP Constant Flow Selector

LSP Minilator™

LSP Multilator™

lif-o-gen portable disposable

Lif-O-Gen Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits

SurgeX® Surge Suppressing Post Valve

LSP L770 Disposable Confined Space Manual Resuscitator

LSP L670 Disposable Manual Resuscitator

LSP L238 Reusable Manual Resuscitator

LSP L554 Reusable Manual Resuscitator

LSP Mouth to Mask Resuscitator & LSP CPR Face Shield


LSP EMT Resuscitator

LSP Demand/Resuscitator Valve

LSP Elder Demand/Resuscitator Valve

LSP Portable Resuscitator

LSP First Responder Kit

Home Healthcare

s6000 air compressor

Schuco® S6000 Air Compressor

Schuco® S5000 Nebulizer

Schuco® S5200 Pediatric Nebulizer

Timeter® PCS 414 Air Compressor

B&F Oxygen Pressure Regulators

SurgeX® Surge Suppressing Post Valve

lif-o-gen portable disposable

Lif-O-Gen® Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits

Schuco® Aspirators – Models S130A – S330A – S430A

Gomco® Tabletop Gastric Drainage Aspirator – Model 270

B&F Oxygen Therapy Disposables

Medical Gas Systems

connect2 outlet

Connect2® Medical Gas Outlet Stations

500 Series Chemetron® Quick-Connect Medical Gas Outlet Stations

560 Series DISS Medical Gas Outlets

Geometrically Keyed Medical Gas Outlets

Oxequip® Med*Star® Quick-Connect Medical Gas Outlets

Oxequip® Med*Star® DISS Medical Gas Outlets

580 Series Electrical Devices

400 Series Connect2® Outlet Stations

400 Series Chemetron® Quick-Connect Medical Gas Outlet Stations

460 Series Chemetron® DISS Medical Gas Outlets

Pressurized Gas Control Panel

Chemetron® Medical Gas Outlet Repair Kit

Hose Assemblies & Fittings

IMPACT® Digital Alarm System

IMPACT® Alarm System Master Alarm Panels

IMPACT® Alarm System Area Alarm Panels

IMPACT® Alarm System Local Alarm Panels

IMPACT® Alarm System Combination Alarm Panels

IMPACT® Alarm System Retrofit Alarm Panels

Pressure/Vacuum Alarm Switches & Pressure Gauges

1/2″ to 4″ Single Gauge Port Ball Valves

1/2″ to 4″ Dual Gauge Port Ball Valves

Zone Valve Box Assemblies

Emergency Oxygen Connection Box Assembly

Ceiling-Mounted Service Column – Stationary

Ceiling-Mounted Service Column – Manual Retractable

Ceiling-Mounted Service Column – Vacuum Powered Retractable

Floor-Mounted Pedestal

Replacement Hose Assemblies for Ceiling Columns & Hose Reels

Electrical & Hose Reels

4500 Series Automatic Switchover Manifold

Medical Air Systems – Scroll

Medical Air Systems – Oil-less Reciprocating

Instrument Air Systems – Oil-less Reciprocating

Refrigerated Air Treatment Center

Desiccant Air Treatment Center

Medical Vacuum Systems – Dry Vane

Medical Vacuum Systems – Claw

Medical Vacuum Systems – Lubricated Vane

Archive for Discontinued Products

4000 Manifold

LSP HDx Backboard