AHP300™ Transport Ventilator
  • Quick Start Ventilation – Featuring programmable presets, the AHP300 allows trained caregivers to rapidly recall up to 5 saved ventilation protocols.
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 7.5 hours on internal battery, with auxiliary battery capability for up to 21 hours of battery life.
  • Oxygen Conserve Mode – Allows the use of low pressure sources (oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen, etc.) to extend available oxygen.
EPV100/EPV200 Emergency Preparedness Ventilators
  • Gas-powered, electronically controlled ventilators featuring Volume Control ventilation.
  • Simple control interface enables treatment by a broad range of caregivers during medical surge or routine transport.
  • Lightweight durable construction is ideal for use in transport ventilation or emergency preparedness stockpiling.
  • Low maintenance and accessory costs ensure a low cost of ownership.
  • EPV200 Only:  Assist-Control operation accommodates conscious or semi-conscious patients via invasive or non-invasive ventilation.
LSP AutoVent™ 2000/3000 Transport Ventilator
  • Small, compact, and transport ready.
  • Designed to perform in harsh and toxic environments.
  • Assembles quickly with simplified operating instructions printed on the case.
  • Impact-resistant case with shock-absorbing bumpers and recessed control settings.
  • Rate and volume settings independently operated.
  • Easy-to-monitor patient valve assembly and toxic atmosphere valve are able to deliver additional breaths on demand by inspiratory effort of the patient.
  • Operates exclusively on standard 50 psi source gas, eliminating air entrainment and maintaining the integrity of the specified oxygen concentration.
  • Operates at extreme temperatures ranging from 0° F to 125° F.
  • Pneumatically powered…batteries not required.
  • Allows for PEEP attachment.
  • Meets ASTM, ISO and KKK-1822C standards.
LSP AutoVent™ 4000 Transport Ventilator
  • Pneumatically powered … durable and light, with all basic models weighing less than 5 Ibs.
  • Independent settings for the critical ventilation parameters of breaths Per Minute, Inspiratory Time, Tidal Volume, and Airway Pressure Relief.
  • Manual Breath Button and Anti-Breath Stacking standard on all models
  • Large color-coded Manometer Gauge along with full set of alarms to ensure optimal performance and patient safety.
  • Optional Air Mixing provides 65% O2 concentration for extended cylinder life during lengthy transports
  • The capabilities of ventilation and CPAP in one system!
MCV100/MCV200 Ventilator
  • Gas-powered, electronically controlled ventilators featuring Volume Control ventilation.
  • Simple control interface allows for just-in-time training and use by a wide range of responders.
  • Internal air compressor allows for 21% oxygen mode if compressed oxygen is unavailable.
  • Can be operated on DC power or AC power, offering a greater level of preparedness and portability.
  • Assist-Control, external PEEP, and independent ventilation controls accommodate enhanced treatment options.
  • Low maintenance and weatherproof design ensure a low cost of ownership in stockpile or in everyday use
  • MCV200 Only:  In the event that AC or DC power is unavailable, the MCV200 an be operated solely on compressed gas offering the greatest flexibility for mass casualty responders.